Vision, Mission & Goals

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Imam Abdessalam Yassine Foundation for Research and Studies


Imam Abdessalam Yassine Foundation for Research and Studies seeks to be a scientific world reference for all researchers, specialists and those interested in the Prophetic Method studies.


Imam Abdessalam Yassine Foundation is an international academic scientific institution having the mission of developing and deepening the research related to the revivalist project of the Imam -God have mercy on his soul. It further aims at preparing specialists in the Prophetic Method and at participating actively in the progress of scientific research.


  • To present the project of change developed by the Imam – God have mercy on his soul;
  • To collect, classify, preserve and translate the scientific heritage bequeathed by the Imam;
  • To study this heritage in coordination with universities, research centers and researchers;
  • To communicate and collaborate with the institutions and the organizations that conduct research in this domain;
  • To work towards convergence between all countries of the world in the fields of thought, art, science and education through exchange and strengthening the feelings of solidarity and cooperation.


  • Organizing and participating in scientific conferences, seminars, symposia and study days;
  • Publishing newsletters, journals and periodicals and creating electronic portals and audiovisual media;
  • Translating the works of Imam Abdessalam Yassine and any related studies into different languages;
  • Concluding scientific, academic, artistic and educational conventions of collaboration;
  • Establishing libraries, cultural centers, centers of scientific research and development, and centers of teaching and learning.
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