A word from the Chairman

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A word from the Chairman

In the Name of Allah, Most graceful, most merciful

All praise due to Allah.
Allah’s Peace and Blessings be upon His Messenger, his pure family,
his noble Companions, and all those who righteously follow them until the Day of Judgment

When I was asked to chair Imam Abdessalam Yassine Foundation after its official inauguration in Istanbul, I was delighted and gladly accepted the responsibility. I have no doubt that the time is right and ripe for such an initiative. After he passed away, Imam Yassine, an outstanding figure of contemporary Islamic revival, left a rich and diversified heritage that may serve to face great challenges in the Arabo-Islamic world. I am convinced that this foundation will make an important contribution to drawing the attention and discussing the Imam’s views on Islamic reform as described in his “Theory of the Prophetic Method”.

The foundation is an international academic research institution aiming at becoming a scientific and educational reference to researchers, specialists who are interested in studying the project of Alminhaj Annabawi (the Prophetic Method). For more than half a century of continuous work, Imam Yassine established this innovative project in order to guide the believers in their spiritual endeavor and advance in their religious journey. It is a journey starting by Islam going up to Iman and then ascending to Ihsan. In fact, Imam Yassine’s project of reform is also associated with values of justice, social equity and economic development. It anticipates the horizon of the second Caliphate founded on the Prophetic Method in its comprehensive understanding of Islam as a doctrine integrating religion and state./p>

I am sure that the foundation will become a centre for academic research, Islamic education, and training for tomorrow’s leaders in these fields. I personally look forward to contributing to its projects, putting for this sake over three decades of professional and political experience; an experience which straddles the worlds of both academia and politics. The foundation is going to become an example of the intersection between both areas of interest.

Being aware of the tremendous responsibility placed upon this promising foundation, I seize the opportunity to invite all researchers, specialists and interested observers to work collaboratively to achieve its objectives set out in:

  • The clarification of and elaboration on Imam Yassine’s project.
  • The collection, classification, preservation, and translation of Imam’s heritage.
  • The investigation into the heritage of the Imam in collaboration with other academic institutions, scientific centers and specialized researchers.
  • The communication and cooperation with the relevant academic institutions and organizations.

While introducing itself through this official website, Imam Abdessalam Yassine Foundation opens its gates wide to everyone, and puts its entire means at the disposal of interested researches. Therefore, we invite you to regularly visit this website, inquire about the foundation’s programs, and participate in its activities.

Dr. Omar Amkassou

email: amkassou@yassine.orgamkassou@aljamaa.org

Mobile: +212 661 204 409

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